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Edlercare Services


Frequently Asked Questions -- FAQs

• Why was the Eldercare Services developed?
In a 2005 study conducted by the National Alliance for Caregiving in collaboration with AARP, findings showed that 59% of caregivers currently work or have worked while providing care. Estimates indicate that about 21% of the 18 and older population is providing care to another adult.

Caregiving responsibilities vary from one caregiver to the next but often include helping elders with activities of daily living such as bathing and eating and with instrumental activities of daily living such as paying bills and taking medications. The Mason program is designed to provide resource & referral information to increase the comfort, confidence, and knowledge of employed caregivers. Such assistance will help employees remain productive as employees and caregivers.

Eligibility and Fees

• Who is eligible for the program?

Eldercare Services is a benefit for faculty/staff for use in caregiving for aging family members.

• What is the cost for services?
Eldercare Services offerings are provided at no charge to eligible parties.

Type of Assistance

• What type of assistance can I receive through Eldercare Services?
The primary goal of the program is to provide resource & referral information and education programs for employed family caregivers. The Life/Work Connections Team will help caregivers: (1) obtain understanding about community services, (2) connect with experts in the aging and caregiving networks, and (3) identify quality caregiving information (websites, print materials).


• How will confidentiality issues be handled?
The Life/Work Connections Team recognizes the sensitivity of personal information. Like with other programs and services provided by the Human Resources & Payroll Department, great care is taken to ensure confidentiality between the Team and program participants.

Contact Information

• Who do I contact to learn more about Eldercare Services offerings?

Contact the Life/Work Connections Team at 703.993.2600 or by email at

• What can I expect during the initial contact?
The initial contact will be conversational. The team member will ask you a series of questions to determine what type of information and assistance you need. By understanding your needs and those of your family members, the team member will be more effective in making referrals and connecting you to resources.

Hours of Availability

• What hours is the Life/Work Connections Team available?
The Team is available Monday - Friday, from 8:30am - 5:00pm to take your call and answer questions. Email will be responded to during those hours. Hours and dates of availability are subject to change.

Life Planning Educational Seminars

• Are there life planning seminars available at George Mason University?
Yes. A series of learning seminars is offered through the Human Resources and Payroll Department. The topics will be diverse and cover a broad range of life planning and caregiving topics such as advance planning for elder caregiving, financial/legal considerations in caregiving, and caring for those with Alzheimer's. In addition seminars also address topics in aging well including exercise and how the body ages.

• Who are the presenters speaking at the caregiving seminars?
There is a wealth of caregiving expertise available. Speakers will be both Mason faculty/staff and caregiving experts from local, regional, and national organizations.